Joint paper by Suman Das and David Martin groups highlighted in Nanotechnology

The paper titled "Patterning of periodic nano-cavities on PEDOT-PSS using nanosphere-assisted near-field optical enhancement and laser interference lithography" by Dajun Yuan, Andres Lasagni, Jeffrey Hendricks, David Martin, and Suman Das, published in Nanotechnology has been highlighted in a cover Editorial.

In an Editorial titled "Enhancing Lithography", Anna Deming highlights the work on patterning nano-cavities in PEDOT-PSS described in the Nanotechnology article.

Joint paper by Z.L. Wang and Suman Das groups highlighted in ACS Nano

The paper titled "Fabrication of Patterned Polymer Nanowire Arrays" by Hao Fang, Dajun Yuan, Rui Guo, Su Zhang, Ray P. S. Han, Suman Das, and Zhong Lin Wang, published in ACS Nano has been highlighted in a perspective article in the same journal.

In an article titled "Rapid, Wafer-Scale Laser Nanoprinting of Polymer Surfaces", Reginald Penner highlights the work on polymer nanowires described in ACS Nano article.